of Charleston

A 6-week series of comprehensive childbirth classes in Charleston, SC
taught by Certified Lamaze Educator, Kathy Markham

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Private classes are always available to fit any schedule

Class Schedule

  • Class 1 – Staying Healthy and Low Risk
    • Why a balanced diet with plenty of protein is important to a growing baby
    • What harmful substances should be avoided during pregnancy
    • Conditioning exercises that will help prepare your body for giving birth
    • Introduction to relaxation and slow breathing
    • Plus, an overview of the physical birth process as a baseline of knowledge
  • Class 2 – Trusting the Normal Birth Process
    • How do you know you are really in labor?  what does a contraction feel like?
    • Physical and emotional signposts of labor
    • Natural comfort measures and the importance of the support person’s role
  • Class 3 – Knowing Your Birth Options
    • Understanding your options and becoming an "informed medical consumer"
    • The risks and benefits of common medical interventions and pain relief medications
    • What happens if a cesarean is needed?
  • Class 4 – Planning For Your Birth
    • Birth videos will bring together everything you learned and help you envision the birth experience you want.
    • Tips for preparing your own birth plan
    • Benefits of a birth doula providing continous physical, emotional, and informational support.
  • Class 5 – Succeeding at Breastfeeding
    • Why breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby
    • Getting off to a good start and getting the baby latched on correctly
    • How to overcome common problems with breastfeeding
    • Plus, we will rehearse some common labor scenarios and positive positions to use during labor and birth.
  • Class 6 - Preparing for Your New Family
    • Characteristics of a newborn
    • Developmental milestones
    • Diapering, bathing and comforting a newborn
    • Common postpartum adjustments for mom and dad


The full course is 6 classes (2hrs each) and taught on Daniel Island on Monday Evenings.

Or schedule private classes in your home - Three 2-hour meetings.

To register, click on the appropriate PayPal link or email me if you prefer to pay at the first class or private session. Feel free to contact me below with any questions.

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About Me

Childbirth Educator Kathy Markham

My name is Kathy Markham and my passion is helping women achieve a positive birth experience. I have enjoyed teaching childbirth classes since 1988 and have attended over 100 births. My current childbirth educator certification is through Lamaze International (, but I have also been certified to teach the Bradley Method and Hypnobirthing and incorporate their best concepts into my classes.
Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator


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